Tade easily with the TipRanks Stock widget

The Finetero lineup of analytical tools and trader resources just got a bit bigger with the addition of the Stock Analysis widgets from TipRanks. One of the leading aggregators of big data, TipRanks specializes in presenting complex financial information in a simplified, actionable format. The Finetero integration adds the stock widgets from TipRanks directly into our trader client area for easy access.

The TipRanks Stock Widget consists of the following modules:


Analyst Consensus & Price Target

Based on sell-side analyst ratings over the past 3 months, the widget presents an aggregated recommendation for any particular stock with Low, Average and High price estimates. The recommendations come with links to in-depth coverage of the stock in question along with the links to related articles and other information sources.

Hedge Fund Activity

Probably the most popular component of the TipRanks stock widget, Hedge Fund Activity presents information from the SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) detailing positions and sentiment for particular stocks by major hedge funds. The information includes the current holding for the individual hedge funds along with their latest activity (increasing or reducing their holding).

Insider Transactions

Employees at publicly listed companies have to file reports to the SEC whenever they buy or sell shares in the companies they work for. These filings can reveal some significant trends in company stocks. The TipRanks widget details the individual’s name and position at the company in question, along with details of the transaction and total value.